Turfing Specialists Horsham


At GB Fencing our team are experts in turfing any sized commercial or domestic lawn, whether it’s a refresh to replace a dying lawn, or to create one for the first time.

As part of our services we prepare the land to ensure a successful and healthy new lawn that’s perfect for your needs. Our turf itself is sourced locally and we use well-balanced topsoil that will help boost the appearance of the turf.

Our turfing services include:

  • Removing old turf and preparing the land
  • Use of good quality top soil
  • High quality turf locally sourced from Haywards Heath
  • Creating a new lock lawn
  • Aftercare advice

Once our work is completed, we will leave your lawn tidy and ready to be cared for to achieve the best results. This will involve our aftercare advice covering how often you should mow, water, and fertilise your new lawn.

The benefits of lawn turf

Alternatives to lawn turf include artificial grass and laying from scratch with seeds. Turfing is the best solution if you want instant results as grass seeds take at least two months to establish and heavy rain may wash seeds away. Lawn turf on the other hand is ready to use within one month, whilst it also provides an instant aesthetic improvement.

Lawn turf also has the environmental benefits over artificial grass; it doesn’t cause the pollution and waste of it’s artificial counterpart, and once lain, it can become home to a wide range of insects and smaller wildlife.

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When you contact us we can provide you with more information, such as how you can prepare for the process before we lay the new lawn. For anything else, please see our FAQs page here.