Seasoned Logs

high quality seasoned wood
We supply high quality seasoned wood, which we store in an open sided barn. The secret to having a nice warm fire in your fireplace or woodburner, they’re really something special.

Our seasoning process

  • Local wood stored for up to 6 months
  • Steady air flow
  • Kept away from moisture
  • Tested with a moisture metre

In our barn, the logs have the time to season with access to a good air flow, whilst keeping them safe from the elements, such as rain. Once ready, our logs as you receive them will have 20% less moisture, which makes then the perfect logs for woodburners.

All of our wood is locally sourced from a sustainable forest and given one season to dry. We chop and stack it carefully and each cycle takes roughly six months, when the wood is then ready to be used as firewood.

This is a very traditional method of seasoning wood, and one we choose as the results are worth the investment.

Why do dry logs burn better?

Logs that haven’t been seasoned to 20% or less moisture are very difficult to light, although will eventually produce a fire. This is because heat and energy is taken up removing the moisture before the wood can burn properly – this can make the process take longer and produce a lot of smoke.

Another benefit of choosing seasoned dry logs is that mould is much less likely to spread, so you won’t be introducing it into your home when you set-up your fire.

Stock up today

We provide logs all year round, but they are particularly popular for the winter season as we all want to keep our home warm and cosy. We sell our quality logs in cubic metre bags, already cut up into suitable sizes for your use.

For the ideal logs, ready to use and with minimal moisture, get in touch today. We’d be happy to provide more information on our seasoning process.